Service SEO

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L’optimisation des pages

Making sure your on-page optimization is done right can greatly increase your rankings. and plays a large role with your SEO. We will optimize the following on-page ranking factors.

  • LSI Keywords
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Image url & alt text
  • Multimedia
  • Website & url structure 

Console d’analyse et de recherche

Google analytics, search console, and conversion tracking. Having, and understanding this information is an extremely important part of the process.  This will allow us to see what customers are actually searching for when they find your business, how they found it, and how a potential customer, turned into a paying customer. Allowing us to optimize those areas, and increase sales.

L’analyse des concurrents

Doing a full competitor analysis will help us understand where your competitors stand. The areas they are doing well in, and the areas they are not. This can potentially allow us to capitalize on any mistakes they are making.  It also helps us identify industry trends, so we can adapt and be ready for any them. Staying a step ahead of the competition is always a good idea.

When you hire us as your SEO Agency, we build a custom package that is uniquely tailored to your business. We are 100% transparent with everything that we do, and give you monthly reports of everything that was done, and the progress that was made. The first step is a website audit. This will completely analyze your website, showing us any problems that are currently there. Broken links, missing alt text, site speed, and other factors that could be hurting your websites visibility. This will allow us to prioritize any problems and give us a good starting point. There is no point in working on other ranking factors, if we are missing basic on page optimization. There is normally where we will find the “low hanging fruit.” Once the audit is done we will build a timeline of all the areas that need improvement, and prioritize them. Typically we start with any low hanging fruit we found in the audit and keyword research.

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